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Walk-In Chiller and Freezer

Spectrastar Refrigeration Equipment Corporation offers Walk in Chiller System for Hospital, Super Market, Pharmaceutical & other sectors.
Walk-in chillers and walk-in freezers are standard modular cold room chamber to cool or freeze food, beverage, meat, fruit, vegetable, pharmaceutical material, chemical or other goods stored inside.
Different standard dimension of cold-room length, width, height for the walk-in fridge of walk-in refrigerator, chiller & freezer are available.
Storage temperature of the walk in cooler & freezer can be optional 8 ? or -20 ? for the refrigerating storage or freezing storage of fresh vegetable & fruit or frozen food.
The modular walk-in freezer & chiller cold room can easily be disassembled and reassembled if required to be moved to a different location.
The cold room panel of the walk in cooler and walk in freezer chamber is made of high density polyurethane with an average density of 40kg/m³ for good insulation.
Cam lock tongue and groove panel cold room design with gasket makes the walk-in cooler & walk-in freezer perfectly sealed.
Outdoor Walk-In Advantages
  • Does not take up interior space
  • With professional help, delivery and installation can be quick
  • Warm air is released outside and refrigerant lines do not have to be run through the building
  • Food deliveries are easier to an outdoor unit with a door that opens to the outside
Outdoor Walk-In Disadvantages
  • Must construct a door in the wall or have employees walk outside
  • Uses more energy
  • Requires additional components to protect against weather and crime
  • Local building codes may mandate additional components
Indoor Walk-In Advantages
  • Usually costs less to buy and install
  • Easy access to contents
  • Box is not externally visible
  • Helps prevent theft
  • Usually easier to keep clean
Indoor Walk-In Disadvantages
  • Takes up interior space
  • May require a reinforced interior floor
  • Self-contained units heat up your building, increasing cooling costs in the summer