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Manual Single Kaiping Door

Product Brief

  • Frame materials: aluminum alloy (the anodized and anti-corrosion treatment).
  • Heat wire: door frame and door leaf have fever wire, 2 sets of heating wire, power: 25 to 50 w/m(by using temperature configuration).
  • Safety device: safe escape lock (when there are staff by mistake in cold storage, lock to unlock the door with his hands and escape).
  • Observation window: a nti-mist toug hened glass window (optional).


  • The gate size: 10000 largest x10000
  • Applicable environ mental temperature: -95 t - + 95 t
  • Portal page thickness: 75 rnm to 200 mm
  • Portal page fabrics: stainless sreel or caigang
  • Page door insulation: high performance of adiabatic flame retardant polyurethane (PU)
  • Sealing material:TPE rubber